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Ben Nathan Art

Plains Placement.9

Plains Placement.9

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Plains Placement is a body of work which was inspired by the working process that Ben Nathan adopted during his time working on the Candid Collecting suite. Plains Placement is a deeper foray into alternative inking, viscosity printing, Chine-collé, and other experimental intaglio inking processes. The original suite is made up of around 80 unique prints and each responds to the notion of "Home" and being from the American West's vast plains. 

 Plains Placement.9 is a one of a kind original print in this collection (only one available).  Printed on white cotton rag paper and boasting a distinctive deckled edge, this work measures approximately 14" x 11." The strip of gray accent on the print is some of Ben's handmade recycled cotton flax blend paper. 

Crafted with a modern design, Plains Placement.9 is the perfect addition to your home decor. 

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