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Ben Nathan Art

A Stray Screw/ Responsibility (GOLD 2)

A Stray Screw/ Responsibility (GOLD 2)

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A Stray Screw/ Responsibility is a large series of Stone Lithographs with screen printing which were part of an experimental project by which the artist honed his lithographic printing skills and experimented with various printing processes. The stories behind the imagery reflect on instances of making reparations for thoughtless actions.

A Stray Screw/ Responsibility (GOLD 2) is a variable edition collection of hand printed artworks by Ben Nathan (only one of each available).  Printed on white cotton rag paper and boasting a distinctive deckled edge, this work measures approximately 14" x 11 1/4." Please select which edition number you would like before adding this piece to your cart. 

Crafted with a modern design, A Stray Screw/ Responsibility (GOLD 2) is the perfect addition to your home decor. 

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