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Plaid Sofa Studios was founded in 2023 by Ben and Melody Nathan. They are an artist duo and an all-around cute couple from Wyoming who are interested in sharing their art with the world.


With little formal training, Melody has embraced the "learn as she goes" philosophy, allowing her creativity to blossom in various artistic media. She has dabbled in pencil drawings, oil paints, watercolors, and acrylics. Most recently, as a devoted young mother and homemaker, Melody's artistic journey has taken an unexpected turn in the world of digital media, including digital painting. This shift grants her the flexibility to create amidst her motherly responsibilities and opens up new avenues for self-expression.

Melody's artistic passion is driven by her deep desire to create something unique and meaningful. She enjoys the thrill of creating something new and finds joy in the process as she expresses herself through her works.

Ben was raised amidst the smell of sagebrush and the whistling wind in Wyoming. Ben attended the University of Wyoming and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Arts. Later, Ben went to Utah State University to continue his education. There, he received a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Printmaking. Now, Ben is excited to be back in Wyoming working as an Associate Professor at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs.

In 2022 Ben lost his Paternal Grandmother. He found that in addition to the loss of a dear matriarch, he mourned everyday things lost to the past. From furniture to childhood relationships, Ben was made keenly aware of their absence. Through longing to spend more time in the past, Ben developed a studio practice of printing and drawing, whereby he enables himself to spend hours a day in quiet introspection. As a result, the imagery Ben uses is personal and heavily object-based. Objects become a stand-in for specific people and his interpersonal dynamic with them. Alongside the more quotidian symbols, Ben captures glimpses of the vast plains of the American West—which to him have always evoked a sense of childhood wonder, stillness, and reflection. The empty furniture and bare landscapes in his works acknowledge the loss that is inherent to living and serve as an invitation to allow that loss to inspire intentional living in the present. Ben asserts that there is valor in living a life full of personal significance and that there is value to be discovered in one’s own personal stories.


Ben & Melody Nathan

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